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First Class Party for Pupil Pilots

Imagine telling your kids their party would be a great opportunity for them and their friends to learn more about history, maths and physics. They’d probably suggest you cancel their birthday and walk out in protest. But, what if the party involved learning to fly (with a secret spin-off being lessons in aviation history, maths […]

Bringing Boeing home with SilkAir

A 25-hour virtual flight delivery event Flight Experience Singapore will play host for an exciting event with SilkAir and 150 aviation buffs will have the opportunity to fly a Boeing 737-800 simulator, to mark the delivery of its first new 737 jet. To celebrate SilkAir’s historic Boeing delivery, the airline will bring fans and aviation […]

Fasten your seatbelt

Having developed a case of chronic aerophobia, Amanda Hooton decided it was time to stop flying by the seat of her pants and re-establish control. I was not always afraid of flying. When I was young I was completely unlike Doris Day, who was unable to attend the ceremonies for her Presidential Medal of Freedom […]

Flying high – dealing with aviophobia

Michelle Row from The Australian reports on two people’s journey to conquer their fear of flying with remarkable results. This scientifically designed course in cooperation with Psychologists and Airline Pilots, shows great results in helping people overcome their fear of flying. Click here to read article (PDF)

That’s Life

Quivering, I clutched the seat in terror. “We’re experiencing bad turbulence,” the pilot announced. The plane lurched and so did my stomach. Suddenly a blinding light flared at the side of the aircraft. We’re going to die! I thought sobbing. “Lightning hit the wing but everything’s fine”, the pilot said, but I couldn’t stop shaking… Read […]

Australian Aviation

Technological leaps have allowed unprecedented level of accessibility and insight into flight for the wider public. One organisation opening the flightdeck door to the general public in city centres around the world is the appropriately named Flight Experience. The Flight Experience operation centred upon a synthetic trainer modelled on the Boeing 737… Read article

Channel 7 Sunrise

Grant is back again Flying High and this time at Flight Experience Brisbane. Taking on the persona of an airline Captain, Grant decides to put things on auto pilot whilst he chats to the cabin crew.